Covid-19 Policy

CITRUS Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way many people engage in routine tasks, especially when it comes to cleaning! In our efforts to better support our clients, Citrus Cleaning takes all AHS recommendations seriously and has expanded upon its already impressive quality standards to incorporate strategic preventive measures.

Safety First

To help promote the safety of both clients and staff, each team member is provided with high quality PPE that must be worn upon entry to every worksite. Every job starts with sanitizing hands, putting on disposable gloves and masks.

Daily Fit-for-Work Health Screening or Daily Screening

All team members have been instructed to report any cold or flu symptoms and are required to report their body temperature daily before starting their shifts.

Contactless Dispatch or Technology to Assist the Team

Our internal App allows our staff to receive their cleaning schedule electronically to help eliminate unnecessary travel and contact at our office.

Clean Workwear

Each team member is provided with multiple uniform sets and uniforms to be washed in hot water and bleach between uses.

Freshly Laundered Cleaning Fabrics

We use fresh and clean set of cloths and rags for every house; however, clients are welcome to supply us with a set of clothes to be used exclusively in their home.

Enhanced Cleaning Products

We have increased the concentration of our already powerful professional hospital grade ECOLAB cleaning solutions. These EPA-registered products clean and disinfect all surfaces in mere seconds.

Disinfect to Protect

As an extra precaution and upon your request, our staff will take the time to disinfect and sanitize the highest touch surfaces in your home, including desks, tables, doors and door handles, railings, light switch covers, countertops, etc.

Social Distancing  or Distancing for Extra Protection

All team members are required to maintain at least 6 feet of distance from all individuals present at every worksite. Client’s are encouraged to vacate the property or if not possible, remain in a separate room or part of their home while the cleaning service is being rendered.