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Buying and selling your house if always an emotional endeavor. All the excitement of the new adventure, but it’s also a stress of  dealing with realtors, mortgage brokers, packing, moving etc. Let us help to take a least one thing off your mind! Be it a Move-out from the old house or Move-in into a new house or both! We’ve got professional equipment, supplies and expertise to handle all of it making your life hassle free.
  • Typically the house of  2000 to 2500 sq.ft.
  • 10 man hours of work
  • Extra work hours available for bigger properties
  • You can add extra perks to all our packages! Just select few extra hours to accommodate for a bigger property or extra services(e.g. cleaning inside of the fridge, cleaning inside of the oven, kitchen cabinets etc).
Your house is smaller? Don’t worry! All unused hours from the package can be carried over to your next cleaning! 

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