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Planing to have a big party at your place? Attending one and feel bad for the host that will have to clean up? Here is a great solution for both scenarios! Our crew can help you prepare your place for the party or cleanup after the guests are gone. You can even add few perks to the package and we will take care of extra items that you’ve been putting aside.
  • Typically the house of up to 1000-2000 sq.ft.
  • 7 man hours of work
  • Extra work hours available for bigger properties
  • You can add extra perks to all our packages! Just select few extra hours to accommodate for a bigger property or extra services(e.g. cleaning inside of the fridge, cleaning inside of the oven, kitchen cabinets etc).


Your house is smaller? Don’t worry! All unused hours from the package can be carried over to your next cleaning! 

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