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Office Cleaning

We offer a range of cleaning services for offices. We fully appreciate the need for thorough cleaning practices in busy offices in which people interact every day. Our cleaners consistently pay close attention to detail. We are also extremely eco-friendly, especially with regard to health and medical facilities, such as laboratories or offices operated by doctors and dentists.

Our cleaning teams always use checklists when conducting their work in offices and other commercial premises. The example below is used when cleaning medical clinics. We are happy to customize a checklist to accommodate your business’s unique cleaning needs.

Please contact us for an estimate for your cleaning requirements. We can also visit your premises and inspect them to provide you with a fully detailed quotation.

Janitorial Services

With our experience of residential cleaning services, we bring with us a level of quality never seen before in janitorial services! Just because your office, condo or medical facility needs more frequent cleaning than your home, doesn’t mean that compromises on quality have to be made.

There are numerous government buildings, medical facilities, condominium building and restaurants that are already benefiting from the cleaning quality that Citrus provides. Call us today for a free quote on our affordable, high quality janitorial services!

Pressure Washing / Stain Removal

A successful business means a large volume of people and cars within the vicinity of your building. Keeping your business front clean and inviting is integral to creating the right perception amongst your clients. Our stain removal services provide you a chance to step it up a notch. Be it a simple mud stain, car tire skid marks, gum, oil spill or anything else that you don’t want tarnishing your business front — call Citrus Cleaning and we will take care of it for you.

Our 5-stage cleaning process gets rid of the toughest stains. We start by pressure washing the stain. After that we use three different chemical agents applied sequentially (composition of chemical agents depends on the strength of the stain) and we finish it off with another round of pressure washing to bring a crystal spark to the surface! Call us Now to for a quote for the Stain Removal service!

Post Construction

Once your dream home is a reality, you need a final touch by Citrus Cleaning before moving in or showing the house to potential clients. Be it a new condo complex or simple kitchen reno, we can help you make the place look spotless in a timely and affordable manner. Our highly trained and well equipped commercial cleaning team will ensure your client is happy with the results. Let us help you make your project spotless!

Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial window is very different to residential window cleaning and our commercial window cleaning services reflect this. During commercial cleaning, we use much of the same equipment as we do for residential projects. However, commercial work also requires specialized tools and more expensive equipment to ensure that the work is carried out properly. The risk of personal injury is higher than with residential projects. There are also often more people in the vicinity when commercial cleaning is undertaken during the day.

In many cases, the windows on commercial buildings are at a great height than they are in residential buildings. This means that extra attention must be paid to the safety of our window cleaners. We have an extensive range of well-established safety procedures and protocols in place designed to ensure that our employees are always safe while doing their job. We also have all the required insurance coverage for commercial window cleaning projects. These are in place to protect not only our cleaning teams but also members of the public.

Did you know?

The highest concentration of germs and bacteria builds up at the places people often overlook such as: soap dispensers, refrigerator seals, door knobs & welcome mats. Citrus cleaning staff is trained to locate and thoroughly clean those spots to reduce risks of health hazards!

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