Regular Cleaning vs Professional Cleaning: What’s the Difference?

Proper cleaning is not as simple as it seems at first glance. To guarantee a high-quality result, using a mop and a few rags is not enough, which is why people opt for pro service cleaning. This article explains what cleaning is, how it differs from regular cleaning, why it’s better to order professional services.

What is Professional Cleaning

Pro service cleaning refers to services provided by cleaners who use not only traditional methods and products, but also professional chemicals and equipment. There are various types of pro service cleaning, each serving a different purpose:

  • Maintenance Cleaning: Used in homes, cottages, offices, manufacturing, and retail businesses. Professional cleaners, at specified intervals, come with their equipment to the site and perform maintenance: dusting surfaces, washing floors, cleaning kitchens, and bathrooms. In offices, cleaning is typically done daily.
  • One-Time Comprehensive or Deep Cleaning: A thorough cleaning of all surfaces. This service is necessary when an apartment or any other space has not been cleaned for a long time. For instance, landlords often order comprehensive cleaning before the arrival of new tenants.
  • Post-Construction Cleaning: The residues left after construction and renovation can be extremely difficult to remove. Aggressive acidic and alkaline agents, which are not available to ordinary people and companies, are used for this purpose.
  • Emergency Cleaning: This service is for unusual pleasant or unpleasant situations: cleaning an office after a corporate event, clearing contamination after a fire, or cleaning the office before a visit from senior management or inspections.

In addition to comprehensive services, professional cleaning includes individual tasks: window washing, tile cleaning, removing tough stains from various surfaces, and dry cleaning of furniture and carpets.

5 Differences Between Professional Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

1. Equipment

Regular Cleaning

Standard tools include a couple of rags, a mop, sponges. Cleaning agents usually consist of classic dishwashing liquids, and perhaps a grease remover. With such a set, one can handle simple dirt, partially remove dust, and clean uncomplicated stains on surfaces.

Professional Cleaning

In addition to the usual mops and rags, professional cleaners have a wide range of equipment: steamers, industrial and washing vacuum cleaners. Their cleaning agents include high-alkaline and acidic compositions for tough stains, as well as products for cleaning furniture and carpets. Ultimately, professionals have all the necessary tools and equipment for various surfaces and contaminants of differing complexity.

2. Attitude Towards Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

In this case, standard cleaning agents are usually chosen for all types of dirt and surfaces. This is because there are no tools available that allow for different treatments of various surfaces and materials.

Professional Cleaning

Cleaners select cleaning agents based on the type of dirt: acids and solvents for tough construction debris, specialized polishes for wood and stainless steel, alkalis for dealing with grease stains. The professional approach ensures a better result due to the use of different methods for different materials and types of dirt. After regular cleaning, surfaces often have scratches and damage due to the incorrect choice of cleaning method.

3. Knowledge and Skills

Regular Cleaning

The worker lacks the necessary skills to choose the correct methodology for carrying out the work.

Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaners undergo specialized training, enabling them to understand the specifics of working with different surfaces. A lack of knowledge can lead to damage to finishing materials and interior items. Common issues in regular cleaning include damaging stainless steel, removing the protective layer from finishing materials, and scratching surfaces.

4. Work Pace

Regular Cleaning

It is performed slowly. This is due to a lack of experience in working with various materials and surfaces, and incomplete equipment.

Professional Cleaning

Professional cleaning is characterized by fast work. The speed is achieved thanks to the full equipment and the experience of the cleaners.

5. Performing Specific Tasks

What do you think, can a regular cleaner polish the floor and wall tiles, apply a protective layer to a poured floor, and wash 200 square meters of flooring in just a few hours? Very unlikely. But a cleaning company with a full arsenal of equipment and products — definitely can. Pro service cleaning, unlike regular cleaning, stands out as a powerful, comprehensive tool. Opting for such professional services, like those offered by Citrus Cleaning Inc., ensures that you’re hiring experts who are adept at handling various materials and completing tasks efficiently. When you choose Citrus Cleaning Inc., you’re not only assured of a swift and thorough cleaning but also a guarantee for the work performed, providing peace of mind and exceptional results.